I can’t stand it. I know nothing of this world! I don’t have a clue what a human beings are actually suppose to be doing or where we came from. ALL OF YOU ARE TRAPPED IN YOUR OWN LIVES. You work for a number that the bank holds and then they make up the debt ceiling…America is in TRILLIONS of dollars in “debt” to whom I ask? Who’s profiting in 1st world country’s if tax is with us our whole lives. We might have paved roads but we also have politicians you couldn’t trust with a plant. Are you gonna stand for it? No you’re not, your on your couch idly by while the rich get richer and the poor die. They’re gonna kill as many people as they can, keep us divided an distracted long enough to continue with their plan. BIG PHARMA, I see you. I ain’t pointing fingers but I fucking see you, stop making prescription drugs! Explore what’s already here, I swear on my existence that things can change. We can’t be killing each other like this, we can’t turn our head from disaster to watch celebrities have their greasy whore show. Do you know why weeds legalized in the west? Because THC helps fight off radiation, and lord knows there’s more than enough of that shit in the Pacific Ocean, look up garbage island if you don’t believe me. Search the present status of Japan, they’re still leaking toxic waste from awhile ago. How stupid are you gonna look before you get mad enough to do something about the current unrest in the world?
Religion, business, crime and media…they’re all out to get you. Fight it. BE THE BETTER PERSON, the right people can influence the world but it will be a challenge. Embrace your compassion, realize this life has made everyone struggle. Realize you aren’t a slave, do what you will; good and bad both co exist and you can’t know one without the other. Listen to my delusional ramble and realize I’m not talking shit.